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I am Kevin Longstaff and welcome to my website. I suppose that websites are "old hat" now and everyone has moved on to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp and all sorts of other social media fads. But I still see this as a good way of sharing my passion for working with wood and exploiting the best of it's natural form. Over the recent years I have extended this hobby-passion to making a range of wooden creations which I have sold directly or through galleries and exhibitions. This site is aimed at showing you what I do and explain why I do it. Yacht scultures are now my main speciality and if there is something you require that is a variant (size, shape, wood type) I can make it to your specification or simply create something entirely different - just call, email or join us on facebook (OK I did succomb!!).

Admittedly I have not only made yachts and in the projects section I have included some of the wide range of commissions undertaken.

Sailing is a passion so I had to share details about my hobby project which, like my sculpted yachts , combines wood and sailing but in a more practical application. We now have a beautiful larch on oak skaffie lugger called Gratitude which provides hours of wonderful sailing and many more hours of maintenance which continues to develop my woodwork and limited boat building skills.

I am very flexible in the sources of wood that I use but my main philosophy is to enhance the natural grain and maximize the use of all aspects of the wood. Even the flaws in wood can be turned into a feature such as the rotten knot removed from the Acacia wave. This knot induced vortex of grain can be used to highlight the water tumbling over the wave. Each piece of wood presents the exciting challenge of how best to exploit it's good and bad features to create the finished item. I use a wide variety of hardwoods including ash, oak, spalted beech, sycamore, maple, elm and cherry as well reclaimed wood. I have transformed a broken X One Design mast section into a yacht tacking duel and an old chair leg into a picture frame.

Sculpting wood in it's various forms holds an on going fascination. I enjoy the challenges of how best to use the different types of wood and how to engineer their assembly. My stylized wooden yachts have been very popular form of my sculpting and started as a consequence of combined passions for woodwork and sailing. You will find a selection of the Windward yachts on view for sale at a number of galleries and occasional exhibitions.

The yacht sculpture series start off as sawn planks of hardwood selected to enhance specific aspects of the yacht. This stylized depiction of sailing yachts is intended to show the dymamics of combined wave motion with the balance of sails and keel. It is not sculpted out of a single piece of wood but upto 3 varieties to enhance the respective sea motion, hull design and sail panelling. The process involves selecting the most appropriate sawn seasoned hardwoods followed by planing to make the grain visible and then drawing the out lines of the hull, sails and "sea" mount so as to make best use of that grain structure.

Saws, planes, chisels and sanding tools are used to turn the pencil outlines into solid shapes that are then brought together using mortise and tenon joints. The balance of the yacht is key to achieve the desired heel without having the assembled piece falling over but not to make it too stable since yachts are themselves finely balanced between the competing forces of the wind on the sails, wave motion against the hull and the righting moment of the heavy keel. Once everything is found to look and feel right (and stay upright) then the unique yacht number is carved on the base and the long work of fine sanding followed by waxing and polishing completes the yacht.

I would be very happy to tailor sculptures to defined hull shapes and sail aspect ratios. Please contact me to discuss.

Where to see Wood n'Art - Exhibitions and Galleries

Fowey River Gallery in FoweyCornwall

Fowey River Gallery , run by Jenny and Kevin Marchant, is considered by many to be one of Cornwall`s premier Art Galleries. The two storey gallery is housed in a fine Georgian merchants house in the heart of the town on Fore Street.

Check out the Fowey River Gallery website to see the wonderful range of works on display.

Sea Sky Gallery in HambleHampshire

A selection of my yachts are now on display at the Sea Sky Gallery which is located in the Old Post Office on the High Street in Hamble. Owners, Susie and Debbie, are kindly showing a range of Windward yachts and a Salcome Yawl.

Sea Sky exhibit a wide range of artistic pieces including original paintings, sculptures, handmade ceramics and beautifully crafted individual jewellery. More details can be found on the Sea Sky Gallery Facebook page.

Love the Sea Gallery in Salcombe Devon

Nick and Tina have this enchanting gallery on Fore Street in beautiful Salcome displaying Nick's marine photography and a range of other nautically themed pieces.

More details of the gallery and Nick's work can be found on facebook or Nick's website.

Azure Gallery in SidmouthDevon

The Azure Gallery is located in the centre of Sidmouth displaying a collection of British Art, Glass, Ceramics,Jewellery and Gifts. Joint owner Nigel invited me to display my yachts there after buying one at the Dansel Gallery. When we delivered, what hopefully will be the first batch of yachts, it was my first visit to Sidmouth. We found it to be a delightful seaside town and we were really impressed with the range of beautiful work that Nigel And Angela have on display. More details of the gallery can be found on facebook or take a look around the Azure Gallery.

Dansel Gallery in AbbotsburyDorset

The Dansel Gallery specializes in contemporary British woodwork displaying an amazingly wonderful variety of wood craft items and so I could not be more pleased when they agreed to show some of my yachts. The gallery is located in the picturesque village of Abbotsbury situated on the B3157 coast road between Weymouth and Bridport in West Dorset. More details of the gallery can be found on the Dansel Gallery website. If you are visiting that beautiful coastline I would encourage you to drop into the gallery to view their superb collection.

Bell Fine Arts Gallery in WinchesterHampshire

Bell Fine Arts is a wonderful gallery on Parchment Street in the centre of Winchester, Hampshire. They exhibit and sell a wide range paintings and sculptures with a fine marine range.

Broughton Crafts in StockbridgeHampshire

I have visited this fascinating craft shop many times located in the High Street in pictureque Stockbridge and noticed an ever increasing range of wooden craft items. So I was very pleased when they agreed to sell my yachts. Established in 1983 Broughton Crafts remains a family owned and run business specialising in British crafts well known for their unique and ever changing selection of crafts and gifts. Contact details can be found on the Broughton Crafts website.


This is a gallery of other projects undertaken as commissions, family presents and stuff for the home. It is an eclectic mix of wood work projects that have provided much needed variation and extended my skills.

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The tranformation of a section of broken mast, from a X One Design (XOD) yacht, into a sculpted wedding present for the owner of the yacht. Retaining the hole and slot for the kicker and a side of original varnish in the final piece maintained the link to the original mast.

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E-mail: ewoodnart@yahoo.co.uk

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