Board Room

The design is all important. I examine each piece of wood to determine how best to shape it to achieve that compromise of functionality and sympathy with the grain stucture. I include curves and holes not only to provide handles but to highlight the natural grain geometry. Rouding the hard edges simply enhances the wood grain and make the boards much more tactile. It is fascinating just watching people approach our stalls and how keen they are to feel the wood. The silky smooth finish is quite irresistable.  The double handed planks are used on the table in an elevated position with cans or blocks to provide a 3 dimensional space on the table to serve meats, cheeses or side dishes. The other boards can be used as food platters or cutting boards. 
The boards range in size from the small lemon-slicing boards and upto 20x80cm for the planks. Typical wood thickness is about 20mm.   Available wood types are Beech, Oak, Cherry, Sycamore and Walnut. Other wood types can be specified but pricing will depend upon availablity.  

All the planks, boards, platters are made with local seasoned hardwood and simply finished in a coat of mineral, vegetable or olive oil. They will last a lifetime if properly looked after. To keep your hard wood products looking their best please follow this advice:-

-  Hand wash only, not suitable for dishwashers
-  Occasionally coat with your oil of choice ( mineral, olive or vegetable)
-  Do not leave soaking in water or exposed to heat or sunshine  



In the gallery below is a selection board designs including an extensive set of my display blocks, platters and cutting boards used in the 3 venues of Spicer+Cole coffee+ shops in Bristol. Spicer+Cole display food on oak and sycamore blocks and platters, using handled boards for serving some of their dishes