Boat Yard

The yacht sculpture series start off as sawn planks of hardwood selected to enhance specific aspects of the yacht. This stylized depiction of sailing yachts is intended to show the dymamics of combined wave motion with the balance of sails and keel.  It is not sculpted out of a single piece of wood but upto 3 varieties to enhance the respective sea motion, hull design and sail panelling. The process involves selecting the most appropriate sawn seasoned hardwoods followed by planing to make the grain visible and then drawing the out lines of the hull, sails and "sea" mount so as to make best use of that grain shape. Saws, planes, chisels and sanding tools are used to turn the pencil outlines into solid shapes that then need to be assembled using mortise and tenon joints. The balance of the yacht is key to achieve the desired heel without having the assembled piece falling over but not to make it too stable since yachts are themselves finely balanced between the competing forces of the wind on the sails, wave motion against the hull and the righting moment of the heavy keel. Once everything is found to look and feel right (and stay upright) then the unique yacht number is carved on the base and the long work of fine sanding followed by waxing and polishing completes the yacht.

I would be very happy to tailor sculptures to defined hull shapes and sail aspect ratios. Please contact me to discuss.

The Windward Series, Salcombe Yawls and selected Commissions
Range of sizes from (HxLxD)  30x25x15cm (12x10x6 ins) to 95x75x45cm (37x29x18ins)