The Studio

I love to doodle, sketch and paint. It started from an early age with my only formal "training" at school art lessons before I had to give that up ( as well as woodwork) to focus on those subjects that would provide me with a "real" career. I did like Maths and Science so I was destined for the more practical career of Engineering. I have continued to draw and paint but only recently spent more time developing my skills and stretching my self in realistic expression. I have stubbornly stuck to pencil, pen and watercolour since these are much more spontaneous and simple media. Watercolour is a challenge because you cannot keep tinkering with it but can capture marvelous spontaneity as well as frequent disastrous messes.

I have a fascination and deep respect for street portrait artists who capture the look of a complete strangers in minutes. Even when making charactures they seem to emphasize the key features and retain the person's character. It was this experience and spending many lunchtimes in the National Portrait Gallery in London that motivated me to draw and paint portraits. My first experience of portraits was when I was in primary school and could draw a mean Fred Flintstone. I have dabbled with other cartoon characters and faces of close family for many years but only at the beginning of 2009 did I spend more time practicing and found that a good way to allienate family and friends is to draw their portrait.
The gallery below has a wide selection of my attempts todate. I particularly like the style of Michael Frith's  watercolour portraits - some of which ( the celebrities) I re-painted in the selection below.  

Also shown in the gallery is a set of pen and ink drawings of good friends Bob and Pauline's Northway holiday cottages on the north coast of Devon. Pauline is also a local artist and has set up a small gallery in the Games room of the cottage complex with some of my drawings displayed